Monday, April 27, 2009

Eight things...distractions are the best!!

So Lora tagged me for yay! This is a lot more fun than working on my stupid dramaturgy project...

eight things I am looking forward to

1. Thursday, because the cast list should be out!
2. Thursday, because it's Dead Day!
3. Thursday, because I get to see my Captain Marvel!
4. Going back to my hood...aka Disney
5. Getting married in March
6. Exams being over with!
7. Moving out of the dorms
8. My baby sister's graduation

eight things I did yesterday

1. Went to church (and ooh'd and ahh'd over the babies!)
2. Ate lunch with my family at Ted's Montana Grill
3. Took a nap
4. Drove!
5. Made butterscotch cupcakes with homemade cooked caramel frosting
6. Squabbled and made up with Captain Marvel (seriously...our squabbles only last for a few minutes!)
7. Sat through a boring meeting about dorm procedures
8. watched Hatching Pete on Disney Channel with my mum and my sister

eight things I wish I could do

1. Sing with my head voice. I can belt...but I used to be able to sing really high, and now I can't.
2. Magically lose weight.
3. Magically grow my hair super long (remember those dolls from the '80s, where you twist a knob and her hair would grow or shorten? Yeah, I wanna be one of those)
4. Be married. Now. Yes. I'm done with being engaged!
5. Draw, write, and play the piano without pain.
6. Speak fluent French (I was so close...then I stopped studying!)
7. Get my book published...and make it more famous than stupid ol' Twilight. Beatrice could beat Bella senseless in mere moments. Not even kidding.
8. Convince Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko to not only start the next series of Avatar NOW, but also to cast me in it. Life would be sweet.

eight shows I watch on TV

1. Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?
2. CSI: Las Vegas
3. CSI: New York
4. 18 Kids and Counting (that family scares me so much!!!! why do I even watch it?!?!)
5. Futurama
6. Robot Chicken
7. Friends
8. Family Guy

eight people I tag

Um...anyone who wants to do it!!

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