Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lesson learned: don't let me blog during a migraine

I had planned to write a nice, cheerful blog yesterday...yeah, that didn't happen. I was real snippy, wasn't I?

Well, yesterday I gave myself an ultimatum. I've spent the past couple of years whining about my weight, and while I've lost some pounds and inches, I want to be so much...well, LESS.

My goal for Lent this year was, instead of taking something away, adding something. So I've been exercising pretty regularly. But still, I want to see more results. I want to be down to my goal weight by my wedding.

Hence, I'm embarking on Operation Muffin Topple.

My goal is to get down to 130 by June 21st...which, hopefully, will allow me to be down to 110-115 by March 13, 2010. The winner of Muffin Topple gets a big ol' basket of fun things, but honestly...I just want to finally lose the weight.

So now, there's more than just Musical Monday. I shall also participate in Muffin Monday. So BE PREPARED.

I'm also going to be real honest with y'all about where I am weight-wise. It's not good. Well, it's been worse, but it's not good.

My heaviest weight: 161 lbs, in the fall of '07
My lightest weight: 139 lbs, in the summer of '06 (the lightest I've been since high school!)
And my current weight: 149 lbs
I can't wait to see these numbers drop!
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