Monday, April 20, 2009

Muffin Topple Monday #3 (and Audition Purgatory Day #1!)

So last week was awesome. Not even kidding. Lost five pounds, lost some was epic.

This week?


That's right.


At the same time, I'm okay with that. I would rather not lose anything than gain something. I am the first to admit that I was not as dedicated this week as I was last week. I skipped two days of Jillian (I hope she doesn't track me down and kick me in the face) and I ate bread. A lot of bread.

I was bemoaning this to Kat over sushi on Friday night when she very sweetly pointed out, "But it's show week." And I snapped my fingers and rejoiced, for yea and verily, the first commandment of theater (at least for me) is "Do not think about anything except thine show, for thine show is thy passion and thy greatest concern." Which, when translated, means "Just make sure you're eating, all right? It doesn't matter what it is."

I had four performances of the Three Little Pigs show this past week, and even though it's just a 30-minute pop culture retelling of the fable, it's still enough to keep me from thinking about anything else.

And anyways, I'm probably not going to eat all week. You see, today begins what I not-so-affectionately call "audition purgatory." Here's how it works:

Tonight at 6:50- General auditions. A one-minute monologue (from Summer in the City by Barbara Kaufman) and 16 bars of a song ("I Can't Say No" from Oklahoma!), plus a headshot and resume.

Sometime tonight or tomorrow: The callbacks lists are posted.

Wednesday: Madcap preparations for aforementioned callbacks

Thursday at 7pm: Callbacks for Beau Jest. These will be cold readings from various scenes. Luckily, I bought the script a couple of weeks ago, so I'm familiar with it in case I get called back.

Friday at 7pm: Callbacks for Guys and Dolls. First it's individual singing and acting callbacks for particular characters, then a general dance call.

Friday night, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc...: At some point the cast list will be posted!

You see what I mean about purgatory? Yeah. It's crazy. And not the good kind of "woohoo, let's have fun!" crazy. This is the bad, "I'm so anxious I can barely function" kind of crazy.

I always set myself up for disappointment with auditioning. My hopes always soar so high...and invariably I am crushed. It's been a year since I've auditioned and gotten a part that I wanted...and even then, it was my second-choice part. This time around I really, really, really want to play Adelaide in Guys and Dolls. All I can do is do my best and pray fervently that I'm the kind of Adelaide that Mike is looking for.

And if not, I'm going to be a hot mess for a while.

Actually, I'll be a hot mess until the cast list is posted. Then I will either be screaming, wailing, and mad dancing for joy, or locking myself in my room for hours on end with the lights off, weeping copiously while eating Cherry Garcia and consoling myself with the idea that "I did my best, I diiiiiid my beeeeest." (That's for all the Dane Cook fans out there.)

What was I talking about?

Oh, yeah, Muffin Topple.

Here's my stats at the moment.

Heaviest: 161
Starting: 150 (I had it written down wrong last really was 150)
Current: 145
Muffin Topple weight lost: 5 pounds
Total weight lost: 16 pounds

Heaviest: 31.4
Starting: 29.3
Current: 28.3
Muffin Topple points lost: 1
Total points lost: 3.1

Inches Lost (from bust, waist, hips, upper arm, and thigh total):
Starting: 17"
Current: 20.25"
Total inches lost: 3.25"

My next goals are:
140 pounds
23" lost
27 BMI

Stay tuned for more audition whining...if you can!
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