Monday, April 20, 2009

Musical Monday #13: Back to school! (it's a three-song-bonanza!)

I have to preface this by saying I went to three different high schools. I went to the same school from first grade until ninth grade, but we moved over Christmas break from Lexington, Kentucky, to Independence, Kentucky (right outside Florence). So I went from a tiny school with about fifteen people in my grade to a larger school with fifty-three people in my grade. Then we moved again, two weeks before senior year started, from Independence, Kentucky, to Nashville, Tennessee. And then that school had about 128 people in my grade, which is still comparatively small, but for me, it was massive. Crazy. And I did not enjoy any of the transfers, but it all worked out in the end.

In any case, there are two songs that remind me of high school. This first one should make Kat giggle. (You know, you really should comment. Just sayin'. :) ) I was the Farmer's Wife and an ensemble member in The Music Man- the Litttlest Pick-A-Little, to be precise. And every day, the director made us work out. And I mean work out- running, pushups, crunches...everything. It was hardcore, man. And every day, we would dance. One of the crucial numbers is the Shipoopi, which I display for you now:

We did pratically the same dance, but the Fehrmanator (the director) focused on two steps in particular: the step-slide, step-slide, step-step-step; and the hop-touch. So she found another song that used the same rhythms, and we danced to it at least once a day (usually 2 or 3 times) for several months.

I can't hear this song now without breaking into dance!!

And now for the THIRD song of this bonanza!

After going to three schools, I got over striving to "be popular" real quick. I mean, you can be popular...and then the carpet gets ripped out from under you and before you know it you're at a new school where no one knows you and you're at the bottom of the ladder again. It's just not worth. The most valuable thing I learned in high school is to relax, to be my own lively and friendly self, to not take things too seriously, and care more about making a handful of solid friends rather than being popular. And do you know what? In my own circles, I did feel popular.

So when I think of the craziness of all that is high school popularity and how I happily avoided it, I turn to this song.

(Also, I love Bowling for Soup. I wanted to find the original video, but embedding was disabled. So this is from Ouran High School Host Club, one of my FAVORITEST animes of all time, and I highly recommend it. Also also, I most definitely did not make this video. The person who did is fantastically more talented!)

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