Friday, April 17, 2009

Awards and juff

(Juff is a combination of "junk" and "stuff, btw.)

So Lora gave me two awards like two weeks ago...and I never got around to putting them up! So here they are:

You're supposed to list seven random facts...I hope this is random enough!!!

1) I'm 22, but I get mistaken for seventeen, sixteen, and fourteen on a regular basis. The funny thing almost-eighteen-year-old sister gets mistaken for someone in her twenties!

2) I have been involved in thirty different theater productions, starting when I was three years old.

3) Because of my wrist problems, I rarely handwrite anything, and when I do, I have to use a specific brand of pen.

4) I am weirdly gifted at playing Yu-Gi-Oh!. Yeah, pathetic, right? But I'm naturally gifted. Captain Marvel got so excited that he built me a deck comprised of cute cards and fire cards. We call it the "so cute it burns" deck.

5) I took horseback riding lessons in second and third grade, because I went through that horse-crazy stage and wanted to be a jockey, because I heard that small people made the best ones. Then I got tired of riding in circles and moved on to my puppy-crazy stage.

6) I collect movie Barbies. I have Belle from Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, Tinker Bell, Jessie from Toy Story 2, Giselle from Enchanted, and Anastasia, amongst others. I also collect movie action figures. Yeah, neeeeeerd.

7) I mimic anything and everything. Seriously. If you say something funny with an unusual inflection, I'll mimic it right back to you and mentally file it away in case I need it for a future VA gig.

And this award goes to...the first seven people to comment on this entry!!!

And then here's the other award:

Now I have to confess five things I'm addicted to. Oh, dear...

1) Pepsi. I hated Pepsi until Enchanted Attic. Then I started draining 44oz cups of the stuff during rehearsals.

2) Anything retro. If it's retro, I'm going to try to buy it.

3) Fabric. I'm not allowed to go into fabric stores unattended now...

4) Disney. 'Nuff said.

...and lastly:

5) Theater. If I wasn't addicted to it, I wouldn't do it.

And this one (I'm going to copy you, Lora!) will go to the NINE people who follow me!! Yeah!!

...but P, if you don't want to put up a "my blog is FABULOUS" sticker, you don't have to. Maybe I'll make you a manly version. It will involve steak and fire, and instead of "fabulous," I'll just type "insert manly grunting here."
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